Happy New Year! And website progress…

Well, who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Like so many people this year, we’ve had to learn some new skills to handle more of life online, including teaching and perfomance collaborations. Well, add WordPress to the list. So far, it’s a lot less buggy than the tools Annie used to use to build websites back in the dark ages (ca. 2005), but still takes some fiddling to figure out (pun intended…ba-dum ching…thanks, I’ll be here all night…). And of course there’s all the sifting through three decades or so worth of photos, recordings and video…fun, but does take a little time. We’ve got part of our story written for the About page and some basic links to up on the Video/Audio page to some of our duo videos and many recent Cuatro Puntos Ensemble videos and recordings. More to come soon! Thanks for checking things out. Please come back soon. -Steve

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  1. Looking forward to all the next posts. Good project for housebound musicians! Do you have anything from the iSLE OF MANN viola competition? or the REYKJAVIK VIOLA CONGRESS?


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