Welcome! This is a bit of an experiment… We’re hoping to write occasional posts about what we’re up to (info about our performing activities here) and finally write down some of the ideas we regularly bounce off of each other about violin, viola, etc. But, the rest of the website needs a bit more love before we get too far into all that. Stay tuned! Please subscribe below to receive updates.
-Annie Trépanier & Steve Larson

Happy New Year! And website progress…

Well, who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Like so many people this year, we’ve had to learn some new skills to handle more of life online, including teaching and perfomance collaborations. Well, add WordPress to the list. So far, it’s a lot less buggy than the tools Annie used to use to […]

Videos coming soon…

We will soon be posting direct links on our Videos page to many performing and teaching videos, both old and new. While we work on that, you can check out the videos currently posted on Steve’s YouTube channel…


We are excited to finally be working on our website. Please check back soon since we hope to have most of it sorted out by January 2021. For immediate questions about violin & viola lessons (online or in person; in English or in French) or our performing and recording activities, please do not hesitate to […]

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